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Out-going, plain-spoken and fun-loving, Sandra Hardcastle inspires, motivates and empowers others to create a more fulfilling life of conscious choice and growth. She has:

~  Hosted a cable TV series, The Simple Paths to Inner Peace, in Estes Park, CO.
~  Authored Discover the Jewel That’s You, a guidebook for learning to love yourself.
~  Given a featured presentation at the Midwestern Women’s Show in Denver, CO, and led workshops for three years at the Working Women’s Survival Show in St. Louis, MO.
~  Taught four 8-week summer programs at the YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park Center.
~  Facilitated support groups at Carpenter Recovery Center, St. Peters, MO.
~  Offered a dozen continuing education classes through Maryville University
in St. Louis.

~  Conducted retreats, classes and speaking engagements for churches and a
variety of community-based organizations.

~  Coached individuals in person and by phone.
Sandra adds:
What I teach does not come from a degree in psychology.  I am not a trained counselor.  The only “psych” class I’ve taken was a beginning class for my B.S. in Biology, with a teaching certificate, from Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, KY.  During a 20-year period, my teaching stints included senior high biology for 2 years, middle school biology 1 year, music and remedial math, 6 grades for 6 months, preschool 1 year and substitute teaching, K-12, for 3 years…not in that order.
Along the way, more of life happened.  When I entered therapy for depression, I began “getting Sandra back” and realized what I really wanted to teach were the concepts that were, literally, giving me back my soul.
I learned about my issues of perfectionism, co-dependency and people-pleasing.
And I learned I had lots of anger stored in such a way I didn’t even know it was there!  It was so hidden, so off-the-radar, it seemed I could hardly speak or spell the word!  I know now that learning to deal with, in suitable ways, both past and current anger – and the fear of anger (both my own and others’) – has been a major key to my increased empowerment, peace and joy.
So has coming out of the clutches of “shoulds”, “ought to’s” and “have to’s.”
So has paying attention to the options I have in every situation and the choice I decide to make.  Choosing empowers.   The process of making a conscious choice, followed by looking at the results of that choice as to positive or negative, and then deciding if that’s the choice one wishes to make the next time……each of these conscious steps allows a person to grow into a greater maturity of accepting personal responsibility.
Since I don’t have a degree to teach the concepts above and do have one for biology, and after being asked several times why not continue with biology, I decided to take a close look at “my life’s path.”  Was there a connection between biology, which I dearly love, and my current teaching of concepts for personal growth and empowerment?  Indeed, I discovered the connecting link is observation.  From the time I was seven living down on the farm and noticing which butterflies liked which plants…to my fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Bell, assigning us to look at a twig and draw everything we saw on it (Wow!) dissecting frogs and flower ovaries, I’ve been hooked on observation.
And that’s exactly how self-discovery begins, how gaining empowered peace begins, how changing our lives begins.  It all starts with slowing down and observing / noticing / acknowledging, “Something’s not okay here.  I want something different.”
The same process applies for individuals, organizations, businesses (and for countries, too).
Sandra Hardcastle    765.288.0866

Pam in Missouri Thanks for the “safe” atmosphere.
Helen D. in Colorado For the first time I was able to speak of the unexplained anger I was experiencing and how that frightened me…Very slowly your gentle counsel brought some small rays of sunshine into my dark hole…Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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