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Discover the Jewel That's You, a guidebook for learning to love yourself. 

This is a terrific how-to book.  Browse through and notice the pages of tools, tips and techniques for anyone wanting specific play-by-play suggestions for learning the process of loving, accepting and valuing themselves.
  If you're looking for a hands-on manual written from the actual practice and experience of the author, look no further.  It can be in your hands!

This book can be ordered through   Search Sandra Hardcastle

Learning to Love Yourself          Set of 2 CD's

Many barriers--such as holding onto guilt and resentment--can keep us from loving ourselves.  One CD is jam-packed with information on the benefits and process of forgiving others...and ourselves.  The second CD contains techniques to prevent accumulating additional anger, guilt and resentment in the days ahead.  Enlightening!

Learning to Receive         CD

When we don't receive, someone else doesn't get to give.  Do you receive compliments graciously?  Do you accept gifts--especially those over the top--with joy and ease?  If not, this thought-provoking topic (as presented on cable TV) will shed some light and open doors so the treasures of life will have a welcome reception into your life.

Gifts from our Neighbors           CD

The way I see it, neighbors can be folks on my street and they can also be thought of as folks living on this earth with me – “neighbors” on my planet.  One of the easier points to digest on this CD is that what I see in others is already in me or I wouldn’t recognize it in other people.  This goes for the good stuff as well as the “not-so-good.”  My neighbor (near or far) can show me myself.  Maybe I want to see it; maybe I don’t.  And this next point is important to share: I gained several “gifts” from 9/11.  One very valuable gift was learning how much some people dislike America.   I did not know this and consider it an important gift to have been shown.


Moving Through Depression            Cassette tape

Please see bio.  I am not a trained counselor.   On this tape, I speak from personal experience, sharing my journey of entering therapy and dealing with a depression from years of stored anger.  There are stories laced with humor and a handout is included, detailing many tools I became willing to practice.  These helped me move inch by inch to "the other side” of depression. 

What Are You Resisting?           Cassette tape 

Resistance often crops up in our lives whether it has to do with getting the oil changed, doing the dishes or answering emails.  This taped session, directed towards entrepreneurs, deals with the demon of resisting doing those things that are best done if one wants to build a successful business.  The first step is acknowledging where the resistance is.

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Maryalice Cruz, M.S., R.D., L.D. in Missouri, Sandra was a speaker at our two-day professional health care seminar.  She was ranked the most outstanding speaker of the event.

Rev. Bill Huth, Chaplain, Estes Park Center, YMCA of the Rockies, Colorado, Sandra effectively offers concepts...which are practical, therapeutic, and spiritually accurate. ... ... Add to that, the buoyant aspect of her humor.

Name withheld in Missouri, She's more informative than "experts."

Chris Collins in Missouri, When Sandra and I work together, judgment is not part of the equation so I can freely discuss anything.

        I am one of the luckiest people in the world to be coached by you in all matters human! … … I will never forget that first day we talked.   Never.  In one moment, I knew that a) I had some major problems, b) I was overwhelmed and c) there was help. … … You were a) a listener, b) a thinker and c) a trusted advocate.  I never knew anyone who could walk ahead of me a few steps.  I’ve had mentors before, but none who I could learn from every single time we met.  I was astounded and ecstatic.  You gave me permission to be me, to feel whatever I was feeling even if it was negative.  You gave me permission to be centered, all by myself.  It was a grand gift.

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